Film and Tv Worksheet

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  • Published: September 29, 2012
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Film and Television Worksheet
September 10, 2012
University of Phoenix Material

Film and Television Worksheet

Name of the film or television show you viewed:

The Closer|

Respond to each question with a paragraph of at least 50 words. State your point of view and explain it thoroughly.

What is the primary emphasis of the film or show? Examples: artistic expression, technological achievement, informative. Explain your answer.The primary emphasis of the show is to solve crimes committed in Los Angeles by a woman Deputy Chief of Police, of the Major Crimes Division, Brenda Johnson. The show uses the investigative and interrogation skills of Brenda to solve crimes. Brenda dresses in civilian clothes and wears heels which do not stop her from going anywhere on a crime scene. The show empathizes a woman can do want men do and still be a lady. | What cultural values is the film or show attempting to promote? Do you agree or disagree with those values? Explain your answer.“The Closer” has investigators representing many ethnic backgrounds and ages. The show attempts to promote the value of each individual despite age or ethnic background, people can work together. On the show it uses the character of different backgrounds to help solve crimes for example the Hispanic detective is used to help communicate with Spanish speaking people and explain different gangs. I agree it is a good example of how people with different backgrounds can work together to achieve goals. | What is the surface-level subject matter of the film? Describe the plot.This episode was to solve the apparent murder of a 12 year old Hispanic boy found in an abandon house that is used by a gang as a party house. The boy’s brother was the gang’s leader; however, he is in prison and his father use to be a member when he was younger. According to Maceo (1995) “The root causes of violent street gang formation (i.e. poverty, lack of education, unemployment, underemployment, stressed families, racism, and the breakdown of sociocultural institutions) must be addressed by the community and a concerted effort must be made to control firearms” (p. 1). Gangs are a problem around the world; however, this episode concentrates on the gangs of Los Angeles. | What trends in this film or show are also commonly found in other films or shows?The trend in this show was stereotyping Hispanics in gangs and the violence they usually bring to an area. Through the investigation they discovered a girl had been kidnapped, taken to the party house and raped by three gang members; this theme is used in other shows and films. The rape victim is a hospital having a rape examine which is a scenario used in many shows where a rape has occurred. | What is the subtext or underlying theme of the film? What issues or values are explored in the film or show? ‘The Closer’ underlying theme is the fine line between good and evil; and right and wrong. The show is always pushing the envelope on ethical behavior of a police officer which causes some tension at times between the different people on the show. Religious beliefs are brought into the show at times due to the deaths that are portrayed. The show also explores dysfunctional families do to the crimes that are investigated. The show also shows governmental responsibility and how the line is pushed at times to get a confession or solve a crime. | What cultural stereotypes or archetypes are present in the narrative? What is the purpose behind the stereotype or archetypal character? “It certainly wasn't intentional for me to have a groundbreaking show. It just happened to be. The idea that I can have anything to do with the possibility of more opportunities opening up for women is wonderful. At the time, I didn't think big-picture that much. I went where my gut tells me, where the character seems interesting and...
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