Film and Tv Production Processes

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Film & television (industry Production Practices)

The Australian Film and Television Industry has its differences and similarities with other production countries. This becomes evident when we compare the Australian independent process with the big American studio-based process. Each of these systems has it’s advantages and disadvantages, and by looking into the funding structures, above the line personnel, distribution and marketing and the development process we can begin to understand the the differences and similarities in depth.

The current Australian film and television industry is not performing as well as it could compared to our competitors. Our film industry is in a downturn at present following it’s early prominent years at the start of the 1930’s. Over this time it has had a number of high and low periods and now it seems we are moving into a low period again. This is due to a number of factors in the Australian development process.

The first key issue is funding. The funding gap between the Australian independent process and the US studio-based process of film production is astonishing. America spends over $80 million plus per annum and as a consequence makes approx. 125 -130 films a year. Australia spends less than $2 million per annum and so, as a consequence produces approx. 20-30 films per year. Of course, this relates to the difference in the size of the production houses in the US and therefore the inbuilt ability to take risks with less profitable films. Another issue is the development process in Australia compared to that in America as it is also vastly different. In Australia a script will have to be well developed before any or little funding is provided. This leads to movies taking a lot longer to be written as producers tend to take on more projects at the one time in order to be financially viable. This then makes it a lot more risky...
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