Film and Music

Topics: Film, Santa Claus, North Pole Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: December 18, 2012
In Elf music is used to enhance the mood by slowing down the tempo or speeding up the tempo of the music. When the elves are making toys the music is at a moderate speed because they are functioning at a moderate speed. When Will Ferrell is traveling from the North Pole to New York to find his father, Walter, the music is actually fast and slow at some points because he slows down and speeds up. The faster the character functions the faster the music and sound effects will be. The slower the character functions the slower the music and sound effects will be. When Will is working in the “North Pole” store at the mall the music is at a moderate speed because he functioning at a moderate pace. When he sneaks up to “Santa” to tell him that he isn’t the real Santa because he smells like beef and cheese the music gets quiet because he is moving without making sound. Music “brightens” up the movie’s plot by playing faster if it is suspenseful and playing slower if it is not suspenseful. Music holds the act together. It is the basic structure of all films. Even in books when it desribes the music it holds the scenes together. If you don’t have music you don’t have a play, act, scene, movie, or concert. Music is what makes a movie a movie. When Buddy the Elf runs away the music gets faster because he is functioning faster. Music is what creates the movie. In Elf, the music played is upbeat and moderate tempo. Because the music is upbeat and moderate tempo it causes you to feel happy. Music brings the movie together. Music almost always accompanies films. Music is one of the strongest sources of emotion in films. Music is used to illustrate and explain the actions of the characters. Music adds to the diegetic realism, while providing non-diegetical, acoustical, information. Music can direct attention to a certain object of a film. It masks extraneous noises. It induces the mood, it communicates the meaning of the film, and heightens the sense of...
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