Film and Indian Movies

Topics: Bollywood, Film, Pakistan Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Movies definitely impact the youth. Young people who have not had ample time to develop the brain capacity to evaluate the actual consequences of their actions.

Kids will copy what they see, without being able to consider what the risk is. Remember the movie The Program? I believe it showed some young people lying down on the center line of a road - and a bunch of incidents happened in real life after that, and of course, to much more negative results.

There are many many incidents of learning new lingo from movies. I would say that Clueless gave us more slang / catch phrases than anything else in recent memory. "whatever" "as if" "I'm outtie" to name a few. They created a way of speaking that filtered through the youth of the nation and actually stuck for quite awhile. I still hear these phrases off an on today.

And then I could always bring up the horrifying rise in teen sexual activity. Pretty much every movie out there portrays fornication as normal, and expected behavior. But ... the movies don't show the reality of what happens in the lives of those involved after the fact. There are so many more teen pregnancies and ruined lives today than there were in the 50 's when couples slept in twin beds on tv. :) Sex is all around us, and the message is clear, "if you're not sleeping around with lots of people, there's something wrong with you" and we're seeing the ruined lives to prove that message is getting into their heads. Impact of cinema on youth depends on THEME. Motivate youngsters on CREATIVITY. Aim not to induce social evil like--abnormal sex, suicide, murder ect. Moderen cinemas are violent, no moral code, sexy scenes that induces crime. Comedy movies are entertaining & makes youth feel joy & give joy to others. he impact of Art was there on society at all the times.

The visual media was bit more than the other medias.
Most of the Communist writings, poetry and paintings changed the world a lot. The cinema is really made a difference like...
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