Film and Culture

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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Music and dancing both play a huge important role in expressing oneself. Nowadays with dance and music, each and every individual has their own way of expressing themselves. However, early filmmakers believed that every person within one race; looks, acts, and thinks in the same manner. Hollywood cinemas always assign labels that are effortlessly recognizable, and that blatantly identify completely different ethnic cultures from those that aren’t “white.” Things like food options, mannerisms, speech, and clothing styles are all examples of some of the things films assign cultures. According to these signs people watching films that have actors portraying these characteristics can easily tell which ethnic background they are representing. Each race are linked and classified together according to those signs. If an individual were to watch a film like “Gringo in Mananaland” and was asked to associate anything with Latinos, 9 times out of 10, most would probably respond about the gorgeous women who seem to be always dancing in a very sexy and sultry way. Dancing and singing isn’t only associated with Latinos, if someone were to watch “Birth of a Nation”, and realize the blacks dancing while working, they would realize that African Americans are also associated with it. Consequently, early filmmakers did a very poor job articulating individuality! What they did do is create a plethora of stereotypes for the different ethnic backgrounds. Issues that present themselves in movies like “Gringo in Mananaland” and “Birth of A Nation” is how African American and Latinos are shown having a good time by dancing and singing all the while they are on the job. This gave the English people, or Anglos, an impression that the ethnics didn’t mind working and rather enjoyed it. The Anglos used this against them to control and use them. The funny thing is that in early cinema, the English people played different ethnic roles. In the film Birth of a Nation, Whites would put on black...
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