Film and Cinema Test Questions

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Film and cinema

1 Match these words with their definitions below:
star directorscenecritic review
1. somebody who reviews new films 2. a very famous actor or actress 3. what a critic writes about a new film 4. the person who tells the actors and actresses what to do 5. one small part of a film 2 Put these words into the sentences below:

screen subtitles row trailers credits
1. Let's sit at the back. I don't like being too near the ........ . 2. I like to sit in the front ........ . 3. I find trying to read ....... very annoying. I prefer dubbed films. 4. I like seeing all the ........ for the new films that are coming out. 5.1 usually stay at the end to read the ....... because I like to know who some of the less important actors were. 3 Match the film titles with the short descriptions below:

a. Die Hard b. The Bride of Dracula c. The Magnificent Seven d. The Sound of Music 1. Yul Brynner rides again in this famous western. 2. A classic horror film with Boris Karloff as the vampire. 3. Bruce Willis is the hero in this predictable action movie. 4. The popular but increasingly dated musical. Sing along with Julie Andrews. Now do the same with these:

e. Witness f. Spartacus g. Saving Private Ryan h. It Came from Outer Space i. Four Weddings and a Funeral 5. A ridiculous science-fiction film as aliens attack a peaceful community in California. 6. Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell star in this hilarious romantic comedy. 7. An epic historical drama with Kirk Douglas as the slave leading the revolt against Rome. 8. Harrison Ford protects an innocent boy who has witnessed a murder in this gripping thriller. 9. Steven Spielberg's action-packed war film provides Tom Hanks with one of his best roles. 4 Choose the correct ending for each sentence:

1. The Beach was set
2. Schindler's List was filmed in
3. Psycho was directed by
4. Titanic starred
5. Jurassic Park was based on
a. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
b. a novel by Michael Crichton.
c. black and white.
d. in Thailand.
e. Alfred Hitchcock.

5 Delete the wrong word or expression in the following sentences: 1. The Beach was mainly filmed on location / on site in Thailand. 2. Jodie Foster won an Oscar for her performance / play in Silence of the Lambs. 3. Cat Woman was one of the characters / actresses in Batman. 4. Anthony Hopkins heads the cast / the players in this moving costume drama. 5. I got a bit confused. The plot / tale was too complicated for me. 6. I'll never forget the action / the scene where they drive over the cliff at the end of Thelma and Louise. 7. The Age of Innocence won an award for the best costumes / uniforms. 8. Most American films are translated / are clubbed when they're shown in Europe but some countries prefer to show them in English with subtitles. 9. Have you heard the soundtrack / the screenplay for Trainspotting? It's brilliant. 10. The special tricks / special effects in Total Recall are amazing! 6 Match up the following verbs and nouns. Then use the expressions in the sentences below: shoot rave reviews

give the scene
play three Oscars
nominate the role
1. Sean Connery ...... ..... of James Bond for many years. 2. The film has been ...... for .......: best film, best actress and best original screenplay. 3. The director decided it would be better to ...... ...... in black and white. 4. I've heard it's a fantastic film. The critics have all ...... it ...... . 7 Match the questions and answers below:

1. Where's it on?a. Steven Spielberg
2. Who's in it? b. A theme park terrorised by dinosaurs.
3. What's it about? c. It's brilliant! / It's terrible!
4. Who directed it? d. Sam Neill and Laura Dern.
5. What's it like? e. At the Odeon.
Do you know which film is referred to here? What's the best film you've seen recently? What's...
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