Film Analysis

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Film Analysis

I. Title:
Les Misérables

II. Setting:
The setting of the movie was in France in the 1800's during the period of the Restoration. The major action is in Paris, but some episodes take place in neighboring towns.  III. Characters:

▪ Jean Valjean - He adopted Cosette. Valjean is an ex-convict who leaves behind a life of hatred and deceit and makes his fortune with his innovative industrial techniques. ▪ Cosette - Fantine’s daughter, who lives as Valjean’s adopted daughter after her mother dies. ▪ Inspector Javert - He nurses an especially strong desire to recapture Valjean, whose escapes and prosperity he sees as an affront to justice. A police inspector who strictly believes in law and order and will stop at nothing to enforce France’s harsh penal codes. ▪ Fantine – The girl who was loved by Valjean and the mother of Cosette. A working-class girl who leaves her hometown of Montreuil-sur-mer to seek her fortune in Paris. ▪ Marius Pontmercy - An innocent young man, until he met Valjean and Cosette. He is nonetheless capable of great things and manages both to fight on the barricades and successfully court the love of his life, Cosette. ▪ M. Myriel - The bishop of Digne. He is a much-admired clergyman whose great kindness and charity have made him popular throughout his parish. He passes on these same qualities to Valjean and initiates the ex-convict’s spiritual renewal by saving Valjean from arrest and making him promise to live as an honest man. ▪ M. Thénardier - A cruel, wretched, money-obsessed man who first appears as Cosette’s keeper and tormentor. He wants Valjean to pay for Cosette for him to take her home. ▪ Mme. Thénardier - M. Thénardier’s wife. Mme. Thénardier is just as evil as her husband and takes special pleasure in abusing Cosette. ▪ Eponine - The Thénardiers’ eldest daughter.

▪ Gavroche - The Thénardiers’ oldest son. Gavroche is kicked out of the house at an early age and becomes a Parisian street urchin. ▪ Enjolras - The leader of the Friends of the ABC. Enjolras is a radical student revolutionary. ▪ Champmathieu - A poor, uneducated man who unfortunately resembles Valjean so much that he is identified, tried, and almost convicted as Valjean.

IV. Plot
 A man named Jean Valjean was arrested for stealing bread nineteen years previously, is released on prison. Since no one else is willing to welcome a convict to stay the overnight, Valjean is kindly welcomed by Bishop Myriel to spend the night in his home. Valjean gave a word to Bishop Myriel that he is going to become a new man the following day. However, that night, Valjean stole Bishop Myriel's silverware and flees. Valjean is later arrested and brought back to Bishop Myriel, but Bishop Myriel confirmed the police that Valjean did not steal his silverware, but he actually gave it to him and also gives him his expensive candlesticks. Bishop Myriel make Valjean promise that he was to become a new man that day. Rising Action

After nine years, Valjean became a wealthy industrialist and a mayor. He changed his identity for him not to be caught by his misfortune past. He eventually became friends with Fantine, a single mother-turned-prostitute, after he rescues her when she was nearly arrested by Inspector Javert , who previously served as a guard at the prison Valjean was in. Until Inspector Javert starts to suspect that the Mayor and Valjean are the same person. Later, Valjean receives word that another man  is mistaken as being him and is about to be rearrested. Valjean arrives at court where the man is being tried but Valjean cannot take to see another man who will suffer because of him so he revealed his identity surprisingly as Jean Valjean. Valjean then returns home and finds Fantine deathly ill. Before she dies, Valjean promises Fantine that he will raise her very young daughter, Cosette....
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