Film 100

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Notes from film:

What is Cinema
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An art form, an artistic spectacle, an aesthetic language with its own grammar and style, a ,medium of communication and expression

A series of still image on a strip of plastic which, wen run through a projector shown on a screen, creates the illusion of moving images.



Form ( film language) and content ( message) are linked. The message is understood through its form or language by exploring how it uses both to create and effect on the spectator or audience

Films are cultural artifacts. They reflect the specific cultures that create them, and , in, turn, affect them

Not only an important art form, its is also a source of entertainment, and a medium for educating and influencing audiences

The visual aspect of film allows for a universal power of communication  
Formal Aspects

Film exists in time and space

Creating a subjective/objective, aesthetic/ anti- aesthetic vision of the world through the organization of a series of narrative elements and principles  
Narrative Principles

A fundamental way for us to make sense of the world

Classically: a beginning, middle, and end with a logical progression •
A chain of events organized and linked by time, space, and cause and effect  

Film take place in time

Temporal order

Temporal duration


Length of shots/number of shots


Connecting events spatially

Cross-cutting between spaces

On screen and off screen space
-6 zones of off screen space

Horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines

Light, scale and distance

Framing: containing/defining the space

Space: Framing

Framing : using the edges of the film frame to select and compose what will be visible ( note: frames lack peripheral vision)

Imposes meaning and influences interpretation

Organizes images within a certain space and creates dominance ( hierarchy) •
Addresses the need to isolate images
The Shot
Basic Unit of structure in film is the shot- as opposed to the scene in theatre •




Extreme long shot ( ELS): panaramas, vistas

Long shot(LS): panorama prominent but figures are seen

Medium long shot (MLS): people from knees up

Medium shot (MS): waist up

Medium close- up (MCU: chest up

Close up•
Extreme close up
Other significant shots
Mobile Shots

Pan- left to right

Tilt- top to bottom




Narrative Principles: Cause and effect



Spectators derive meaning of random or connected aspects through cause and effect  
Creating a Narrative
Plot vs Story

Story: the overarching set of all the events in the narrative including the ones you don’t see.

Plot: the specific story; only what we're presented with explicitly in the film . ( Story and plot overlap)

Narration: moment to moment process that builds the story out of the plot; the plot serves as the vehicle to deliver the complete story

Range of Story Information

Unrestricted knowledge: we know more, see more, and hear more than the any of the characters in the film ( called omniscient narration)

Restricted knowledge: we only know what the characters know

Creates interest. Suspense, understanding of character motivation  
Pioneers of Filmmaking Early Silent Cinema: Lumiere Brothers •

Workers Leaving the Factory (1895)

Arrival of the Train at La Ciotat(1896)

Fifty second film stock

Single take/long shot/ static camera

Shock of the new

Actualities/ first newsreels
Porter continued

The great Train Robbery ( 1903)

Milestone in filmmaking

Building on innovative techniques

Influenced by British Filmmaker Frank Mottershaw ( Daring Daylight Burglary)  
Silent Film Era

1895 to 1927-29

Films became...
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