Filipino Youth Subjective Well Being

Topics: Emotion, Happiness, Subjective life satisfaction Pages: 14 (3961 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Running Head: Youth Subjective Well-Being

Filipino Youth Students
Subjective Well-Being Scale

Kathlyn Rose Gabriel
Maria Sophie Gatab
Kimberly Lagumen
Kristin Navalta

The researchers of the present study constructed a scale that is designed to measure the perceived subjective well-being of the Filipino youth, and how they are affected by the three factors namely: life satisfaction, negative affect and positive affect. The items were constructed based on the information gathered by the researchers from journals and other sources. The researchers constructed a questionnaire with a 5-point Likert scale which consists of 59 items and was administered to 200 Filipino youth participants. The data analysis revealed a Cronbach’s alpha of .895

Filipino Youth Subjective well-being Scale
The Filipino youth have their own way of satisfying their lives and how they will be contented and happy with it. The most commonly used question probing life satisfaction is: “how satisfied are you with your life as a whole at present?" Some are uncertain with regards to their overall happiness, while some are certain that they are indeed happy and satisfied with their life. In this study, the researchers constructed a 5-point Likert Scale that is designed to measure an individual’s perceived level of well-being. The researcher’s objective to determine which factor gives stronger influence on the subjective well-being of the Filipino youth. Does it follow that Filipino youth with parents are happier than those without? Can the researchers conclude that youth who chose to have no social networks, company, or friends, are lonelier than those with web-like affiliations? These are some of the queries that this research aimed to investigate on.

Conceptual Framework


Figure 1. Filipino Youth Subjective Well-Being Framework
Subjective well-being is defined as the individual’s current evaluation of her happiness. Such an evaluation is often expressed in affective terms; when asked about subjective well-being, participants will often say, “I feel good” (Schwartz & Strack, 1999). Measuring people’s life happiness has one that makes life interesting especially when they know that they are satisfied with what they feel. In the present study, the researchers came up with three sub-factors namely life satisfaction, positive affect and negative affect. They aimed to use these three factors to measure a person’s perceived subjective well-being. Also, they were able to know how these factors put an effect on the Filipino youth. Affect describes the emotions and feelings of a person based on his or her present life. Life satisfaction is how an individual judges his or her overall satisfaction in life (Hoorn, 2007). Life satisfaction is the measure of an individual's perceived level of well-being and happiness. It is frequently assessed in surveys, by asking individuals how satisfied they are with their own lives. Positive and negative affect are both states and traits that have been shown to relate to personalities such as happiness and anxiety. Review of Related Literature

Subjective well-being
Subjective well-being (SWB) is the scientific name for how people evaluate their lives in terms of a global judgment (such as satisfaction with one's life and experience of more frequent pleasant emotions as compared to unpleasant emotions (Diener et al., 1999). SBW is the self-evaluation of life satisfaction (Robbins & Kliewe, 2000, as cited in Vera et al., 2008) and its cognitive evaluation is measured through judgments of life satisfaction. Meanwhile, affective components are measured by assessing the frequency of the occurrence of pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Life Satisfaction

This article looks into the situation of people with spinal cord injury during acute rehabilitation and 3 months after discharge. The participants were assessed on how they can scale their life satisfaction during rehabilitation. The hypothesis...
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