Filipino Social Acceptance

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  • Published: March 20, 2013
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Adrian Carl C. Flores
Dorm: matapat

Age : 16
Sex : Male
Birth Date : September 30,1993
Address : Kapuong 1993 kapilya, Tondo Manila Educational Attainment : High school
Civil : Single
Occupation : Delivery Boy
Date of Admission : December. 22, 2011
Date Administered Test : February 7, 2013
Case : Frustrated murder
Social Worker : Mam Shiena

I. General Observation

The subject wears Sando,Black Short . He is in fair complex, black eyes and bald. Noticeably he was some mole in his neck .

Among the 4 siblings. He is the youngest. At the very young age her mother left them and the only one that will take care of them is her father. But later on her father died so that no one will lead them to make good decision making. The absence of his parents is one of the factor that will lead him to do undesirable things in life.

The subject while talking the test was quit. But when he saw some of her dormate he talk even though I am in front of him. And hesitant especially in drawing because he claimed that he does not know how to draw perfectly. On the other hand he was able to draw as much as he could. I. Test AdministeredDate Administered

II. The result and interpretation
The test showed his tendencies of being suspicious to other people. He suffers from oral aggression .He has a problem to control his anger. He has sexual conflict and conflict about his body. SACH SENTENCE

Based on the test result, it shows that the subject has conflict towards his parent. He wishes the presence of his parent. He has a mild difficulty in accepting challenges in her life. He has difficulty at work...
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