Filipino People and Hardworking Filipinos

Topics: Philippines, Filipino people, Spain Pages: 4 (778 words) Published: January 30, 2013
History – For me “History is the study and understanding of significant past events that might refresh our minds and taught us lessons of reality of life.”

The Philippines

Wave of Migration Theory

Negritos – Negritos represent a resourceful and hardworking Filipinos because in their time, hardwork and patience is the core of surviving in the wild.

Indonesians – Their greatest influence is agriculture. Because of agriculture, Filipinos learned to till the land and that is one of the major sources of Philippine Products today.

Malays – Their greatest influence is that they’ve introduced a more advance way of living.

Barangay Early Philippine Civilization and Subsequent Changes

-What I’ve learned in this topic is that this early type of Philippines civilization helps in the management of the early society that results to more cooperative and systematic community.

Spanish Occupation

An important impact of Spanish rule in the Philippines is the creation of a mestizo culture with entrenched landed interests and a highly skewed land distribution.

The Spaniards made the local datus head of the barangays, who eventually acquired large landholdings.

Spanish Occupation – One of the greatest achievements of Spanish Authorities is the centralized and organized government. They also preserve the traditional authority of local leaders that helps in governing the least manageable units of the society. It is good in the side of the Spanish because it is their efficient way of collecting tax and managing the Filipinos. For me the way they want to organized the government is one of their greatest achievement because it helped in the organization of better governance.

Other Political Organization
Negritos – This is one of the earliest political organization wherein the leadership is vested on the elder men

Kalinga – The leadership is vested on the stronger people who has the power to influence people.

Benguet Village – composed of...
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