Filipino Is the Appropriate Language of Instruction in the Philippines.

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Thesis Statement: Filipino is the appropriate language of instruction in the Philippines. Introduction:
(1)This thesis statement will provide a glimpse into the controversial topic involving languages of instruction. Also, this study will benefit students and instructors in classroom discussions when dealing with subjects like Araling Panlipunan, Home Economics and the like. In addition to the aforementioned, this study will promote the frequent use of our national language and enrich the students’ understanding of their subjects. By the use of our native language, students are able to appreciate their subjects more (2)The Philippines, despite its economic insufficiency, prides itself in its ability to communicate better in English than some developed Asian countries; i.e. Japan, Korea, China, etc. But, is it emerging as a valuable asset? The answer is questionable. Although it does prove to be beneficial in some way, it does not really help in the enrichment of our own vernacular language. In line with this, there is a common stereotypical belief that proficiency in English is highly superior to proficiency in any other language, including one’s own. It weakens our passion for our own language, culture and heritage in favor for their foreign counterparts. This study also believes that strengthening the vernacular language is a factor in strengthening the nation. (3)Definition of Terms

1.Language of Instruction – the language used in teaching in academic establishments. 2.Araling Panilipunan, Home Economics and the like – subjects which are often interchanged from English and Filipino, depending on the curriculum. 3.Vernacular Language – ‘Filipino’; the official language of the country other than English, which is a widely accepted lingua franca in the Philippines. 4.Lingua Franca – a language used by two people who speak different mother tongues. 5.Economic Insufficiency – considerably low economical output compared to other countries. 6....
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