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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Marian Ammylou S. Semaña

Me as the Center Part of our Body; the Heart

As a student, I want to compare myself to a heart. It is very important to oneself because it pumps blood through the blood vessels. In my case, I am very important to my friends, classmates, and relatives. The reason why is because I can make everyone of them smile, laugh and forget their problems even just for a while with every joke and funny stories that I tell them. Our heart is divided into four chambers. Like me, I am also divided into four. If the four chambers of the heart include the left and right atria and the left and right ventricle, I have love, happiness, contentment and humor with me. If the left and right atria receive blood coming from the heart, love and happiness are what I receive whenever I make someone happy while the left and right ventricles pump blood out of the heart, contentment and humor is what I bring to every person that I want to make happy. Why do I receive love and happiness? It is because every time I make someone happy, I felt the love that they gave me in exchange of the favor that I can make them forget their problems. This is me, a friend that cannot give advice whenever you have a problem but I can help you forget them event just for a little moment of time. I receive happiness because when someone laughs at my joke I feel happy in the way that I can make someone feel that they have no obstacles facing in their life. Another question is how can I bring contentment and humor to them? I can bring contentment to my friends, classmates and relatives by just making them feel important and having a friend that is always there for them. In the way that they feel contented to have me but how about the humor? I am a very humorous person. I can make everybody laugh in just one joke. That’s me, a person as happy as can be! A heart also has a valve that separates each atrium and ventricle. These valves are my life’s loneliness, problems and...
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