Filipino Families

Topics: Economics, Regulatory Focus Theory, Goal Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program has two main goals. For short term goal, it provides Social Assistance which focuses on providing conditional cash assistance to support the immediate needs of the family in terms of their educational and health expenditures. Social Development on the other hand is for long term goal that aims to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty through investment in human capital. The program wanted to alleviate the poor condition of the household by improving the health condition and educational attainment of their family members. Aside from the educational and health status of the children, Family Development Session (FDS) is also conducted monthly among parents. As part of the conditions for health grant, FDS has series of topics like responsible parenthood, understanding child’s development, home management and etc. that enable the parents to become more efficient in performing their roles in their family. To fully serve the purpose of the FDS, the DSWD initiated a Family Development Training for the City/Municipal Links last September 12-17, 2011. With its objective of knowing the significance of the FDS, understand the topics as listed in the module, discuss the topics effectively and know what can be done when certain situation arises, the training will also equip the staff with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to conduct the FDS effectively. The said training was divided into two batches composing of 50 and 55 each batch. Deeper understanding and appreciating the value of conducting the FDS to Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries is expected by the Department from the Municipal/City links who successfully attended and participated the training. Written by Ruchell L. Mula, Pantawid Pamilya Information Officer Source: DSWD
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