Filipino Diaspora

Topics: Philippines, Overseas Filipino, Languages of the Philippines Pages: 3 (467 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Jouelle Marie C. LozanoCORWRIT ESSAY


Filipino workers are moving out of their homeland to work overseas so they could get

higher income and sustain the needs of the family. Despite the branding and labelling battle cry

of our agencies in country to OFWs as the “bagong bayani”, these people are encountering much

bigger problems such as family issues, relationship gap between their children and prolonged

separation that leads to infidelity and other problems regarding their family.

Overseas Filipino Workers have a positive influence to our economy. The remittances

they send to their family strengthens our economy.

But on the other hand, working abroad means being separated to their family and being

separated from their family creates gap. Despite the benefits like higher income,

things and other stuffs, Filipinos must be discouraged from working abroad because of the

negative major effects it could bring to their children. This gap may result to certain and even

numerous misunderstanding within the families.

Moving out of the country to work is dangerous for they will never know their luck.

OFWs may encounter certain circumstances where they can be maltreated. Some

sexual harassment and rape.

These Filipinos are more likely to have problems with their children through their

absence and lack of care and love for them. Being separated from their family for work may also

result to having intact emotional support and commitment but no physical intimacy which is very

important. Through their absence and lack of care and love for them, children might rebel and

have a relationship gap between them.

They can even long for fellowship company and because they are all alone dealing with

different people in different races. The sadness they feel being away from the persons they love

and care the most is the main problem of these Filipinos.

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