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Filipinas (2004)
FILIPINAS tells the story of a family separated byrifts and conflicts. Florencia Filipinas, thematriarch, summons her children in an effort tounite the family once more. The plan backfired,unfortunately, for her children still holdsresentment against each other. Past hurts andgrievances then surface, a tense atmosphere of conflict hangs in the household. Things getworse when the matriarch’s health fails and sheslips in a coma. Now, for the first time, thesiblings become one in praying for health.A typical clan with a striking last name. Set inthe backdrop of social economic turmoil, thefamily reunites for the wedding of the youngestdaughter. There is a family caretaker, animmigrated son, a military man, a rebellious sonand a religious matriarch. Troubles plague thefamily and all seems hopeless as they turn onone another. A study of contemporary society,as it is seen through the perspective of a familyheavily affected by the problems that beset thecountry. 'Filipinas' relevantwithout being preachyPosted: 9:38 PM (Manila Time) | Dec. 30,2003By Bien LumberaInquirer News Service Dramatic narrative"FILIPINAS," Viva Films' entry for the MetroManila Film Festival, is Joel Lamangan's dramaticnarrative about a disintegrating contemporaryFilipino family that leaves no doubt that thedirector has intended it to be read as also thestate of the Filipino nation as it is wracked todayby economic difficulties, political squabbling andmoral contradictions. The domestic drama and its allegoricalimplications have been so intricately interwovenby Roy Iglesias' screenplay that even as one isemotionally caught up in the dramaticconfrontations within the family, one iseffortlessly made aware of their social andpolitical references. The outcome is that rarity inthe local film industry-a "relevant" film thatspares us from preachiness but frankly alludes tovital issues of the day, indeeda a truly cinematicrendition of its multi-faceted social content.Lamangan and Iglesias...
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