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The medical record of the patient plays a vital part in his/her present and future health care. As the written documentation of the patient’s medical history, it is used vitally for the present and continuing care of the patient. Keeping and filing records in a secure place in order to protect the patient is one of the most essential parts to consider when storing sensitive information. If medical records are not filed correctly the record may not be found when it is needed. A patient’s record cannot be removed from any facility except by court order, subpoena, or as ordered by law so it is really important to have files in a safe and secure area with limited access. Today, types of medical records storage include filing cabinets and computers. With the filing cabinets, medical records are stored manually and process of handling patients’ medical record all happen using the employee’s physical effort. Manual system starts from giving patients their own medical sheet and an identification card with their written basic information like name, age, address and unique terminal identification number, transferring records to the attending physician/healthcare professional, giving diagnosis and treatment, writing it on a record book, and finally filing it in its respective drawers. On the other hand, medical records stored and utilized in a computer are the automated one. Process of registering and keeping medical records are systematic and is paperless work. Nowadays, the City Health and Sanitation Department-Health Center South is utilizing the manual process of handling and filing outpatient’s medical records. Thus, we cannot deny the fact that the process consumes extensive time in order to complete the task.

Misfiling, duplication of records, space occupied and transferring of records are the identified problems in the current record filing system utilized by the City Health and Sanitation Department-Health Center South. With that, the researchers recommended developing a computerized medical record filing system designed to ensure that the record is accurate, timely and available when needed.

Many hospitals and medical facilities are using the computerized medical record system to stay competitive and promote effective and efficient service. Nowadays, the City Health and Sanitation Department-Health Center South is utilizing a manual system in recording and filing medical records of their patients, a process which requires a lot of paper work. With that, the researchers worked on a computerized system of recording and filing medical records, titled “Outpatients Medical Record Filing System Version 1.1”. In creating such, they used the User Centered System Design, a process which considers the users’ wants, needs and limitations. They also addressed some problems found in the current system being utilized at the Health Center and closely examined how the proposed system is going to work out. They found out that the General Problem is: The City Health and Sanitation Department-Health Center South is using a manual system in recording and filing medical records of their patients which is difficult to be maintained and is subject to more human errors. Specific problems found are as follows:

Misfiling of Medical records
Medical Records in the City Health and Sanitation Department Health Center-South at the City Plaza are stored and arranged in a filing cabinet in accordance to the patient’s terminal identification number. However, the Health Center may treat numerous patients in a day since it accommodates 32 of the 62 barangays in Calapan City. Each patient has to be handled physically in a manual system which presents a bigger possibility of misfiling, as files/medical records are being located. Space occupied

In the manual system being utilized in the City Health and Sanitation Department -Health Center South, the hard copies of the medical records are stored in filing...
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