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❑ Comes from two Greek words:

◦ Psyche = soul

◦ Logos = study

◦ Psychology = study of the soul (later of the mind

❑ Psychology = scientific study of behavior and mental processes

❑ Scientific = observation, description and experimental investigation to gather information.

❑ Child of two parents

◦ Philosophy – pursuit of wisdom through logical reasoning

◦ Physiology – study of vital life processes of an organism, such as respiration, digestion and reproduction.


❑ Psychology reaches back to ancient times which philosophers and religious leaders were asking questions about human nature and trying to explain human behavior.

◦ Stanley Hall l awarded first Ph.D. in psychology.

← first president of American psychological association.

◦ William James offered first course in experimental psychology at Harvard university

← Founder of functionalism

← The first great American psychologist

← Wilhelm Wundt founded first laboratory for psychological research at Leipzig, Germany.

◦ Founder of structuralism

◦ Father of experimental psychology.

◦ Beverly Inez Prosser first black woman to earn Ph.D. in psychology

◦ Francis Sumner – first American (black) to earn Ph.D. in psychology

◦ Aristotle – one of the earliest writers to devote attention to psychology.

← father of psychology

← Hippocrates – the father of medicine

← – argues for four temperaments of personality.

◦ Rene Descartes – father of reflex action

◦ Describes animal spirits

◦ St. Augustine – father of introspection

← John Locke – knowledge comes through experiences and interactions with the...

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