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Background of the 2009 Dormitory
Within the heart of the University Belt the 2009 dormitory is located. The 2009 dormitory is one of the competitions in dormitory industries in the University Belt. It was envisioned that the dormitelle be a sanctuary amidst the activities that keep everyone busy. Given the diverse profile of people in the University Belt, we have addressed not only the needs of undergraduate and post-graduate students, but also the needs of professionals, to live in a safe and tranquil residence, to unwind their spent minds and relax their aching bodies.

The emergence of modern process technology gave rise to rapid improvement with wide array of advanced applications of automated control system ranging from home use to commercial and industrial automated processes. An automated system generally comprises the use of computer system connected to peripheral devices that are basically a combination of software and hardware designed to do a dedicated function with minimum manual interruption, thereby reducing erroneous human interactions. The advantage of the application of automation systems is also known to serve the purpose of process improvement aimed to reduce production cost and processing time. This can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than a manual system.

Majority of the country’s dormitories still do not adapt the advantage of technology. Most of the dormitories here in the Philippines are still using manual recording of their reservation. We all know that adapting the advances of technology can improve the business. In this study, the proponents aim to develop an online reservation and billing system for 2009 dormitory. This online system will minimize all paper work like the manual filing of reservation form and inquiries. Also this online system is one way one way to make money in business.

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