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Education is a process wherein a child learns something new and progressive and it is important factor in a child development. This will help them to prepare for the near future.
Pre School is extremely beneficial for early childhood development. It provides both an academic and social foundation that can give a child leg- up in future scholastic areas children during the preschool years are growing so fast and have the ability to learn and grown in leaps and bounds. A quality preschool or even the childcare can give a younger numerous experiences that only this type of environment can provide. It preparing them for a future of education and it is proven that children who attend in preschool are more likely to go to receive a college education.

Learning something new is a good catch for the children. A little child that discovers new thing fascinates him. This makes him more curious about his environment and pushing them to become enthusiastic about learning. Some children are need to pushing and motivating in order to motivate a child educational is introduced. Educational games are games that teach and help kids to develop their learning skills. It is important that games are educational especially when it was implemented in a school. It should develop their cognitive skills and logical reasoning. According to Gibson (2006) games are educational when it provides new information and develop kid’s memorization and shows context and cognition, gender and ethnic.

To develop an educational games for the pupils of Little star Pre School. Specific
1. To develop games that care for the feelings of the pupil who are unable to play games because of the handicaps. 2. To develop games that will rate the performance of the pupils. 3. To develop games that will be enjoyable for the kids and will be full of fun.

This project is only applicable on preparatory schools. It covers the subject...
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