Fiji Water Case

Topics: Drinking water, Bottled water, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Date: February 16, 2011

To: Professor Koford

From: Eric Walters

Subject: Fiji Water Case Analysis

As requested, I have looked at the case study. Below I have included the answers to the questions that you have posed to us.

Ethical and Socially responsible Marketing and why marketers should be concerned about CSR and sustainability

If a company markets ethically that means they are not just looking at what is legal, they are looking at what is morally right. To be socially responsible is to understand that the company is a part of a larger society and accountable to them for their actions. If a marketer is not concerned about their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), there could be some major problems with sustainability.

Sustainability is increasing your short-term and long-term profitability by managing economic, social, environmental, and cultural risks. If a company is not concerned about CSR then generally one of these factors will become an issue. This may not affect the short-term profits, but it will most definitely cause issues with long term profits.

Factors that Contributed to Fiji Water’s success

There are a few factors that contributed to Fiji Water’s phenomenal success. One of those factors being their product. In reality, they did have a great product. Most other bottled water is just purified tap water. Since their product is straight out of an aquifer located in the middle of nowhere, it has no after taste like most of the other bottled waters out there do (6). It also has a distinct flavor and superb taste (6).

Another factor that contributed to Fiji Water’s success is their marketing. They did a beautiful job marketing their brand. The amazing thing is they did this while spending a relatively small amount of money on marketing. They relied on their unique packaging, image-creating publicity, and free product placements (7). By getting popular celebrities to endorse it, they created the...
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