Fighting a Futile War

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Fighting a Futile War

By | November 2010
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Fighting a Futile War
By Bakhtiar Qayyum
The ‘Religious Extremism’ or Radicalization infused in the hearts and minds of Pakistani people during the rule of Gen Zia-ul-Haq was never augured to be defused or even reduced by any successive government. Gen Pervez Musharraf after taking charge in 1999 also tried to hang on by launching a new process of Islamization but the events of 9/11 changed the course of history and we were forced to take a u-turn on the Islamization process. A new type of war called ‘war on terror’ was launched in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan. World pressure was mounted on Pakistan to conduct military operations to eradicate the safe adobes of Alqaida and Taliban who were termed Islamic extremists turned terrorists. After almost eight years of this futile war we have claimed the ‘war on terror’ to be our war and conducted unscrupulous military operations against the religious extremists turned terrorists, taking refuge in the north-western parts of the country but there seems to be no end to militancy. In the early days of war on terror, it was said that it would not take too long to achieve the objectives of this war but as time passed it was felt that it was not that easy an operation. After almost a decade of the initiation of this war the victory is not yet in sight. However, there are impediments to achieving the desired results from the war on terror and some concrete steps are required to be taken at the government level to make some headway. If one takes a deeper look at the affair of Pakistani people, it will become evident that there is too much of religion in every aspect of our day to day life. From the basic curriculum in schools to all our activities it is religion and religion all the way. Perhaps, we need to adopt a more realistic approach in this direction. From here to the other part of the world, it is unanimously believed that the religious seminaries or ‘Madressas’ are providing the breeding ground for religious...

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