Fighting Obesity

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Dieting Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Fighting Against Obesity

Societies worldwide are discovering new ways to combat the threat of obesity. Though they are many methods in which this can be done, most experts would agree that a healthy diet and adequate exercise is not only effective but one of the safest methods when treating obesity. But before we assess the methods in which to fight obesity, a definition of obesity must be given. It is also imperative to accurately define a healthy diet as well as a manageable exercise routine for an obese person. Obesity, as defined by The Merck Manual of Medical Information, is the accumulation of excessive body fat and though being overweight can be seen as the same thing, there is a distinction which exists between the two. This distinction can be made by utilizing a number known as the body mass index, which is calculated by dividing a person’s weight by their height in meters squared. It is said a person whose body mass index number is thirty or more can be officially diagnosed as an obese person. Like the many methods that exist to treat obesity, they are many causes as well. Generally, the consumption of more calories than the body needs can directly result in that person’s obesity. A person whose diet is high in fat instead of proteins and carbohydrates is more likely to retain more calories because of a chemical reaction which occurs when foods high in fats are consumed. Research shows that foods high in fat do not trigger the satiety response as quickly as other foods would therefore, a diet which is high in fat would cause a person to consume more foods in order for the satiety or stop-eating response to be triggered. Also, the caloric content of fatty food is twice as high as other foods such as proteins or carbohydrates. Other factors which can cause obesity are the genetic makeup of a person as well as their surroundings. Scientist have discovered that certain mutations to a specific gene within a person’s body which is responsible for telling...
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