Fighting in Hockey

Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Fighting Should Not Be Allowed In Hockey
There are two reasons why I think to eliminate fighting from hockey because it is unsafe and can cause severe damage or injuries to the players. Fighting has been a part of hockey since, well, the beginning of hockey. Players and fans alike find that fighting allows players to solve their frustration on the ice. It keeps more skilled players from getting hurt by sticking up for them and keeping agitators from messing with their game. But the troubling fact is that no matter who fights, big or small, everyone has an equal chance of getting hurt because you could break your nose, hand, wrist, jaw, get a concussion, or in the most extreme case, hit your head on the ice. But in my opinion hockey should be banned from the NHL Not good for the human body in general, its partially illegal, and it will bring out the true fans in hockey. Fighting should be banned because they want to decrease the amount of injuries that occur by dropping the gloves and secondly, because they believe fighting is setting a bad example for the youth that watch the games. Eliminating fighting in hockey will also eliminate a good portion of its fan base. It is a harsh reality that watching a fight in a hockey game is most people’s guilty pleasures. No matter who you are, when a fight is on TV it’s quite hard to take your eyes off it because whether you like to admit it or not the occasional fight is exciting to witness. Fighting adds a certain entertainment aspect to the game; it draws in fans because truth is told hockey without fighting would be kind of dull. The entertainment value of the game would most definitely decrease with no fights in the game which would be the reason as to why many fans would turn away from hockey. A fan takes pride in the fact that their player came out victorious in a fight; it gives us a sense of superiority over our opponents That’s what I think of fighting in hockey and simple and this if you want to go to sleep...
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