Fighting Animal Cruelty

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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A: Hi, I never expect to see you in the animal protection club. How are you?B: I am fine. I join the club because I love animals so much and I am still wondering why peoplecan react cruelly to some cute animals such as kitten and puppy. A: There are a few reasons why people can behave that way. I think that some people are cruelto animals because they may be angry and miserable and they take it out on animals that arehelpless and can't speak out. It's like bullying someone - it makes the bully (or abuser) feelpowerful. Another reason could be, the people are just plain ignorant and don't have any respect or sympathy for them.B: I feel so sorry after listening to what you had said. I am wondering why people cannot controltheir behaviour and lost their nature of loving for animal. Actually, may I know what animalcruelty is? A: Oh, actually the acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals are considered animalcruelty. Some examples are overt abuse, dog fighting and cockfighting, and denying a companionanimal the basic necessities of care, such as food, water or shelter.B: Is it means that if I didnt feed my little puppy is also an act of animal cruelty? A: Sure, it is because an animal also has its own right. When we take up decision to pet them,we must be responsible to take care of them and feed them on time. Can u imagine your ownparents do not feed you on time when you are still a baby?B: Oh no! I must be very sad and probably I will die of starvation. What should I do if I want totake the step to prevent animal cruelty? A: The first step you must take is to change yourself first before making a difference on otherperson. For example, we must stop buying products made of parts of animals, especiallyornamental and extravagant things like fur coats and animal skin carpets.B: Other than that, we must stop eating 'exotic' and cruel cuisines such as sharks fin, dog meat,veal, drunken prawns and lobsters which are boiled alive. A: Last but not least, you...
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