Fighting Against School Uniforms

Topics: High school, Extracurricular activity, Curriculum Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Extracurricular activities are not just some silly thing students do just because, they have a lot of meaning and purpose to most who are really engaged in one. Extracurricular Activities are a lot more than a class or something to do. They create a person, they bring out that person and they give that person the opportunity to go somewhere with what they do best. Eliminating extracurricular activities would make schools more boring. Some students don't enjoy school the most anyway so if you take away activities they will just not like it even more.

Extracurricular activities bring out a persons personality and make them who they are. If schools took away football for example what would those boys do. Football is a great example of how an extracurricular activity makes up a persons personality. Football builds a great amount of confidence in a person. It gives them a boost in their self-esteem, it makes boys feel as if they are capable of anything. Most extracurricular activities require you to keep your grades up and your GPA looking good, so students who participate and who want to stay involved, work hard on their grades. Most sports/clubs require much practice and competition time so if extracurricular activities were eliminated most students would go home, watch television and eat. They would not care for their grades because they wouldn't have anything to work for, They wouldn't be as physically healthy and they really just wouldn't care anymore. Extracurricular activities give students a better sense of competition and desire for everything they want and anything they do.

Some students are not prepared for college. They are not educationally ready, they're not socially ready and they have a very low chance of getting into a good college. If these same students are involved in school activities they would have a higher chance of becoming successful. As students become more involved they meet more people. Students create a bond with their team and as...
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