Fight for Animal Rights

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  • Published : October 25, 2009
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Fight for Animal Rights

In the article “Fighting Over Animal Rights,” David Masci from the CQ Researcher, asks the question, “Are animal dissections and vivisection still necessary as teaching tools?” Pat Graham is against dissection and responds to Masci’s question. In his first paragraph he makes his claim by stating, “The burden is on those of us who oppose dissection to illustrate that alternative methods in no way lessen academic standards.” Graham argues that no schools, except medical schools should be allowed to use animals in labs as teaching tools. He tries to explain that using animal labs for dissection studies harms nature and its wildlife populations by throwing its ecosystems out of balance. From my own personal experience with using animals as teaching tools in the classroom significantly improved my learning experience. By doing the dissections I was able to get hands on experience on how to work with tissues and organs and how they physically feel and look. Thus it helped me understand the human body in a much better way than if I would have used a computer program instead. If using animals in dissections wasn’t effective, schools would have stop using them long ago.

Graham believes that models and computer programs would be just as effective as using animals for study; he adds that computer programs and models would also save money by only having to purchase once and reusing them instead of having to keep spending the money on every occasion that the animals would have to be used. Using these alternatives would be just as expensive if not cheaper than the purchase of one year’s worth of lab animals.

The psychological effect on the students using animals for dissection is another way Graham attempts to support his claim. He states that “using animals for classroom experiments teaches that human interest, even curiosity, takes precedence over the life of non-human animals.” Doing this causes a psychological dilemma to students and...
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