Fight Club Work Diary

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Work Diary two
Plot summary:
1. After taking his doctors advice and visiting support groups to see what real suffering is, the Narrator is alleviated from his Insomnia. 2. The Narrator meets Marla at the support group who keeps him from crying and he becomes an insomniac again so he begins to hate her. They then make a truce to attend separate support groups; a truce that doesn’t work very well. 3. After an explosion destroys the Narrators apartment, the narrator meets Tyler at a nude beach and asks to stay at his house Tyler agrees on one term; he asks that the Narrator hit him. Both men find that they enjoy fist fighting. 4. Tyler and The narrator start Fight club with ground rules. 5. Marla calls the narrator pretending t o overdose on Xanax. Tyler comes home from work and hears the call and rescues her. They then embark in an affair that leaves the Narrator uneasy. 6. The narrator begins to wonder if Tyler and Marla are the same person because neither of them are seen at the same time. 7. As fight club receives nation-wide recognition Tyler uses it do brainwash the members of Fight club to take part in is anti-consumerist pranks against America also known as Project Mayhem. 8. When Bob is killed in a sabotage prank the Narrator resolves to stand up against Tyler in project Mayhem. During this time Marla reveals to the Narrator that he and Tyler are the same person. 9. Tyler plans to blow up a sky scraper and dying as a martyr during the explosion, taking the life of the Narrator as well. The narrator tries to stop Tyler and is held at gun point at the top of the building. 10. Tyler vanishes when Marla comes to the top of the building as he was a “hallucination” and wasn’t really there. 11. The narrator waits for the explosion to go off and kill him, however it malfunctions. The narrator than takes the gun (making a decision for himself) and shoots himself through the mouth. 12. Soon after the Narrator wakes in a mental hospital that he believes is heaven and has an argument with God over human nature. The novel ends with employees of the mental hospital telling the Narrator that they are members of Project Mayhem, that the plans continue, and are expecting Tyler to return. Character profiles

The Narrator: The Narrator isn’t named throughout the book. He isn’t physically attractive or rich; he is an outcast of society. He is the insomniac co-creator of Fight club along with Tyler. He works as a recall specialist at an automobile industry, a job he hates. He attends support groups for people who suffer from terminal illness despite the fact that he is perfectly healthy, at these meetings is where he meets Marla. Later in the novel the narrator learns that him and Tyler are actually the same person. Tyler is the image that the Narrator wishes to be, the standard that society says everyone needs to live up to. Tyler: The other co-creator of Fight Club, Tyler is the “alter-ego” so to say of the Narrator. Tyler is the charismatic and vicious leader of Fight club and of the famous Project Mayhem. Throughout the novel we eventually learn Tyler to be the antagonist of the book when we learn that the Narrator and Tyler are one person. Marla: A young, attractive woman who also attends support groups, despite her physical wellness, to find human contact. As the novel progresses, Marla becomes in a intimate relationship with Tyler which upsets the Narrator and causes problems. Quotes

"If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person?" Palahniuk, p. 33. This line is stated several times throughout the novel foreshadowing the general plot twist; that Tyler and the Narrator are one character. Although this is true the quote also revolves around the crisis of identity. In the novel the participants of fight club don’t know who they truly are because they find themselves always trying to live up to the idealistic standards that...
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