Fight Club vs Choke

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  • Published : November 13, 2008
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“If you haven’t already noticed, all my books are about a lonely person looking for some way to connect with other people.” This quote is from Chuck Palahniuk’s book of non-fiction stories titled Stranger Than Fiction. This quote sums up the exact nature of the protagonist of both of the novels I chose to read, Fight Club and Choke, both written by Chuck Palahniuk. By using this concept, Palahniuk has the ability to make the reader feel for a character who is far less than what is seen as an ideal citizen. He has the ability to bring a scum of the earth character into the hearts of anyone who decides to open one of his books. This is not the only similarity between the novels Palahniuk has written, especially the two that I have read. Palahniuk uses various recurring themes, settings and character personalities in both Fight Club and Choke. It is these recurring ideas and his use of satirical, often bizarre humour that have labeled Palahniuk as a shock writer, as well as giving him a huge cult following. Palahniuk’s use of unique writing styles, unusual characters, and abnormal settings are what make Fight Club and Choke so similar, and make Chuck Palahniuk such an amusing writer.

Chuck Palahniuk is extremely well known for his distinct writing style. The styles he uses in Fight Club and Choke are almost identical. Both novels are written from the first-person point of view, Fight Club being told through the eyes of the character only known as the narrator, and Choke being told through the eyes of Victor Mancini. Both protagonists have particularly similar traits and qualities. They are both average middle-aged men working at boring jobs they hate and find themselves becoming an insignificant part of society. Both characters attend support group meetings to help cope with their individual problems and were also raised by their mothers, both not knowing their fathers. To show that these characters are average men, Palahniuk uses what he refers to as a...
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