Fight Club and Gender

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Fight Club and Masculinity
In the film Fight Club (Fincher 1999) a nameless character is struggling to identify himself. He is an everyday man going to his job at the office and is becoming just another part in corporate America. Edward Norton plays this character that is nameless in the film but on script they call him Jack. Victimized and feminized by his culture, Jack seeks masculinity by fighting and by doing this he creates another personality of himself called Tyler. Tyler is everything Jack wants to be and not afraid to do the things that Jack is. Jack is “byproduct of a lifestyle obsession” (Fight club). Basically Jack thinks that he is only as good as the things he owns. Thus being ruled by consumerism his identity only goes as far as his IKEA furniture and the type of clothes he owns. Masculinity is a socially constructed by the culture that you live in and can make a man who he is or leave a man trying to find his identity for the rest of his life.

Many men in today’s society are still looking for who they really are or who they want to be. Jack is one of those men; his identity is born from the material things that he buys. Thus making him a product of consumerism which entails that Jack is more feminine then he is masculine. The reason to this is because Jack is lost in his own identity and is in a constant struggle to find out how he can become more masculine.
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