Fight Club

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  • Published : October 26, 2008
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The main themes of the story are loneliness, materialism, and freedom from society. Tyler was created because of the lack of connection the narrator had with the people around him. The narrator was lonely and attended so many support groups because of it. He was not rejected at the support groups because the members thought he was sick just like they were. Materialism is a reoccurring theme as the narrator mentions how he has worked his entire life for the Ikea items in his apartment. He tried to fill the void in his life by buying worthless, meaningless stuff. People spend too much time working for things they do not need. The narrator comes to the conclusion that, “You are not your job or your possessions.” Only once a person realizes that can he or she finally let go and start living. “It’s only after you’ve lost everything,” Tyler says, “that you’re free to do anything.” In order to be free, we must not care about the stuff we own. Our whole lives are spent working to pay for stuff. If we did not have stuff to pay for, we would not have to work as hard and our time could be spent doing something more meaningful. A major conflict near the end of the story is between Tyler and the narrator. The narrator discovered Tyler was a figment of his imagination and he wanted to stop him. The narrator wanted to get rid of Tyler, end Project Mayhem, and all of the Fight Clubs. Tyler did not want to leave and this conflict was resolved with the narrator shooting himself and killing Tyler. Another conflict in the story was between Marla, Tyler and the narrator. The narrator was secretly jealous of the relationship between Marla and Tyler. He wanted to be the one in a relationship with Marla Singer. The narrator did not realize until near the end of the novel that he and Tyler shared the same body and that Marla believed he was Tyler. In the beginning, the narrator obeyed everything Tyler told him to do. The narrator conformed to every aspect of...
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