Fight Club

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Fight Club
The main character who is also the Narrator, tells how he is exhausted of being controlled by our society. He works as a recall campaign coordinator, lives in a condo, and spends his money on furniture from “IKEA”, and everything seems to be perfect in his life. But he has no point in his life, his life is working at a job he hates and buying things that he does not need. With no point in his life, there no point of living for him. “Every takeoff and landing, when the plane banked too much to one side I prayed for a crash” (pg. 25). To help himself, he created a new character, imaginary friend, and with his help, they try to change the way people are treated in our modern society, by destroying it. "I'm breaking my attachment to physical power and possessions, because only through destroying myself can I discover the greater power of my spirit." Palahniuk’s novel shows that in order to create an identity and to show that people are not just a number in our society, individuals must fight what it tells or wants them to be, which can get an individual into emotional state and lead to internal conflict. In our society, people struggle against social class division. As Tyler and the Narrator try to change the modern society, they try to break the barrier between the wealthy people and the lower class people. They hated them, their main target were the rich people. For example, in a rich restaurant, where they worked, they would spoil food for the clients. “Last week, Tyler says, he farted on a whole cart of Baccone Dolce for the Junior League tea” (pg. 80) The reason why they did it, is that they considered them the reason why lower class people became slaves of our modern society. They took advantage of them. “They’ll send something back to the kitchen for no reason at all. They just want to see you run around for their money. A dinner like this, these banquet parties, they know the tip is already included in the bill so they treat you like dirt” (pg....
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