Fight Club

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  • Published : May 20, 2008
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"Fight Club" seems to be a critic movie about modern capitalistic society and consumer culture, but actually the movie can't provide fundamental resolution, eventually helps capitalistic society preserve the present order. In my opinion, "Fight Club" is insincere movie which pointed out numerous social problems and ended up without a sense of responsibility, just passed the buck to the audiences. I am able to find evidences during the movie. First, "Fight club" raised a lot of broad questions in the first part of the movie, but it did nothing but provide an outlet for dissatisfaction and couldn't show fundamental resolution. Jack's narration and Tyler's cynical attitude make sarcastic remarks about modern society : people's isolation and alienation, depersonalization caused by popular consumer culture, the abuses of large enterprises or structural labor exploitation. Jack and Tyler make 'fight club' to solve the problems and rescue this 'trash world', which turns out as temporary solution. Jack admitted this saying that "the fight club only exist in the hours between when fight club starts and when fight club ends. Who you were in the fight club is not who you were in the rest of the world." Second, 'Project Mayhem', which is a militia corps, a transformation of 'fight club' to pass the limit, also couldn't solve the problems, but rather it ridiculed the anti-capitalism movement. 'Project Mayhem' terrorizes the capitalistic society in unpardonable way and audiences cannot fall into step with them. Especially when the 'fight club' degenerated into a terrorist organization, Jack changed his attitude and against their action, and in doing so, audience also naturally against that. After all, "Fight club" shows a process of degeneration of anti-capitalism movement, and implies that antisocial movement is immature and cannot succeed in the real world. Third, "Fight club" made reverse turn in the last part of the movie, and in doing so, every social problems...
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