Fight Club

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Brandon Mitchell
Making Romance: Response Paper
Dr. Richards
December 8, 2011
It Couldn’t Be
In many cases it is nearly safe to say that most people would consider Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club a twisted, chaotic, and brilliant novel. While combining elements of comedy and surreal realities, many people would not dare to compare this story to one of love. Love is actually a common thread throughout the entire story and is essentially what drives many of the main characters within this story. Many readers or even viewers may view this story as something much other a love story, but that is simply because they focus solely on what meets the eye and choose not to go any deeper than the text itself.

From the very beginning it can commonly assessed that the narrator is hard to analyze as far as gender therefore not allowing the reader to truly determine their opinions of some the actions in which the main character Tyler Durden pursues. It is easy to see as the book goes on that schizophrenia is an important factor throughout the story of Tyler Durden but also makes some of the occurrences rather unclear. What is clear though is the attraction for Marla Singer that Durden has as he is drawn to her nearly at first sight. Although attracted to her, he blames her for bringing a sense of stress to areas of his life in which he considers his own. These being a variety of group consultation sites and Marla constantly shows to all of them although she really has no major issues that relate to these sessions. Despite his dislike for her actions Tyler approaches Marla and shows initiative as he begins to converse with her and eventually asks for her number. She non-reluctantly gives the number to him and this in turn shows that the initial feelings are mutual.

Due to the vagueness in terms of the narrator’s gender it is difficult to really know what to think of the obsessions for both Tyler and Marla. You would think that the narrator is maybe homosexual from the...
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