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Fight Club

By | November 2012
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Fight Club, writers by Chuck Palahniuk and Jim Uhls, directed by David Fincher, and starring Edward Norton (the narrator), Brat Pitt (Tyler Durden) and Helena Bonham Carter (Marla Singer) . The movie is about how the narrator (Edward Norton) lonely life’s in the New York City. However, is schizophrenic person but the movie shows that before the audiences noticed that getting bored (he has a wealth life) of the life and trying to change his life. He hasn’t been sleep forever and trying to solve his insomnia. He went to doctor but the doctor said that, “We can’t help you with any medicine; you must have sleep with natural ways” and sent him cancer therapy with unintentionally. The narrator found the peaceful with cancer people because he has been sick of his life already and figure out to get of the situation. A few weeks he realized, there is somebody (Marla) is doing same thing with him and its bother him and he can’t sleep again. Therefore, he decided that, make deal with Marla to comeback peaceful his sleep. After they made the deal, the found something else in his life to change. He met with a guy(Tyler) at the plane. After the meeting his house was explored and he just meets with Tyler again instead of going to cancer therapy. They had a great time and the narrator never go to the therapy anymore. This meeting is the big moment of changing his life because he started to build to the Fight Club with his new friend. The movie starts very different than others because its shows the end in the beginning of the movie. They used a popular rock music band’s music for the movie. The message: people might get bored everything even though they have wealthy life. Ex: The narrator left his wealthy life, after he meets, average class man Tyler.

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