Fight Against Cancer

Topics: Oncology, Chemotherapy, Surgery Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: May 2, 2013
we would briefly talk about Cancer! My father died of cancer of the kidney, same as my landlord. And my senior colleague's brother recently died of cancer of the liver. Look around you and am sure you would know someone who has recently died of cancer or still battling with cancer. The truth is cancer is ravaging our society and a lot of cancer patients are helpless in this environment. Little or no attention is given to treatment of cancer.

Once a doctor makes a diagnosis of cancer in Nigeria today,it's as good as a death certificate. Because, it's mostly, if not always presenting in the advanced stages. Patients would have been treated for all sorts, spent a lot of money before a diagnosis is made in most cases. I can recollect what the renal surgeon told me in my father's case when I was pushing for surgery and cancer chemotherapy. The surgeon said to me that if he performs the surgery, he would be ask a question in the end which is 'in whose interest did you operate this patient? Was it because of money he was to earn or to just to please me,but, definitely not in the interest of the patient which should have been paramount.

I still was not convinced about what the Renal Surgeon told me and I was determined to save his life especially when my mother had died 4 years earlier. I arranged for his transfer to India,but, even India turned him down. I even got a cancer drug that will cost about 1 million naira every 3 months. Went for bank loans, offered my property for sale just to treat him,but, he died even before the pack of drugs arrived from United States.

Most cancer drugs are very expensive and quite a number of us who had taken care of relatives with cancer patients end up pay debts for years even after they had died.

It is me today. Tomorrow it might be you. We do not have a culture of doing regular check up and as such, we rarely diagnose early.  If your parents are still alive, i would advice you take them for a full check up immediately and...
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