Fifty Shades of Grey

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Often, when an author is looking for fame and fortune or aiming to put their book at the top of the best sellers list, they look to sex for inspiration. Most of the top-selling novels that overwhelm our cultural stream today have a heavy sexual influence. Twilight has sexy vampires and dreamy werewolves. The Hunger Games has Katniss battling between her love for two different boys as the readers lie sleepless with their eyes glued to the pages, waiting to see if they will kiss. The newest of the societal crazes is Fifty Shades of Grey written by E.L. James, a novel that in no way lacks this sexual aspect with graphic scenes full of description and details unlike any other book which was popular in the past. Most novels today contain some kind of sexual reference or blatant statement of sexual nature because frankly, sex sells. People are interested in the taboo and enjoy feeling like they are doing something wrong while staying hidden behind the safe barrier of their book covers and bindings. However, sex has taken over the written world. An authors talent is now over shadowed by the sexual content and story-lines are often completely ignored. In the novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, James's true talent and brilliant story line is completely ignored by readers due to the over-shadowing and over-powering sexual aspect to the novel.

When people talk about Fifty Shades of Grey they rarely seem to bring up the brilliant writing styles of E.L. James. The inquirer usually hears comments like “it’s extremely raunchy” or “Better have a mature mind!” never things about James’s ability. In the novel James uses her writing genius to make the reader fall for a man who is deceitful, conniving, and dangerous, read through taboo and uncomfortable situations with ease, and understand the troubles of a young college graduate turned sex slave. While managing to balance these three things on top of many other wonderful aspects of the book, James writes a beautiful story...
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