Fifth Disease

Topics: Infectious disease, Infection, Immune system Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Communicable Disease Assignment – TPJ4M-01
Teacher:Ms. DaCosta
Student:Chelsea Orser
Due Date:September 25, 2009


1. What kind of contaminant is it?
Fifth Disease is a Viral Infection, also known as (Parvovirus B19).

2. What does this contaminant look like under a microscope? [pic]

3. Where is the contaminant found?
Fifth Disease is transmitted by Airborne Droplets.

4. In what environments is the contaminant commonly found? Fifth Disease is commonly found in daycares, schools, and hospitals.

5. Who is at risk to be affected by the contaminent?
Anyone can be infected with Fifth Disease but children between 5 and 15 years of age are most at risk, especially during the summer and winter months.

6. How is the contaminant spread?
Fifth Disease is spread just like a cold virus, from person to person, by direct contact. An infected person can spread the virus to another person by their hands, objects that the infected person has touched, coughing, sneezing, and infected blood. A person is only contagious before the rash develops.

7. What are the consequences if ingested?
A person exposed to Fifth Disease will experience their first symptoms between 4 and 20 days after exposure to the virus. Healthy persons usually experience no symptoms to mild symptoms with no negative consequences, while persons who are in their first trimester of pregnancy; or persons with blood disorders; or persons with a weakened immune system are more at risk of serious consequences, as is can affect the body’s ability to produce oxygen for its tissues.

8. What are the physical symptoms of the resulting illness? The physical symptoms of Fifth Disease are similar to cold virus symptoms like fever, headache, stuffy/runny nose, muscle aches, and tiredness. Once these symptoms have disappeared, a red rash appears on the face and cheeks and can spread to the rest of the body. This rash looks like...
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