Fifth Business

Topics: Robertson Davies, Critical thinking, The Manticore Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Fifth Business Outline
Thesis: Dunstan’s belief of Mary Dempster being a saint and his view of her actions in “Fifth Business”, by Robertson Davies, represents the true nature of appearance and reality. Argument #1
Topic Sentence: Dunstan believes that Mary Dempster is mainly a saint because of his perception of her “miracles” and the first which he believed to be a miracle was the revival of Willie. 1st Supporting Evidence: Willie appears to have died in the bed after his printing press accident and being on the verge of death but when Dunstan got Mary Dempster she held his hand and prayed as he came back to life. 2nd Supporting Evidence: Willie was very sick for some time after his accident and was only getting worse and needed a lot of help to move and it didn’t seem like he was getting better. 3rd Supporting Evidence: This event can be viewed as a reclamation from death if it was by the hands and prayers of Mrs. Dempster and can then be called a miracle. Argument #2

Topic Sentence: Dunstan believes Mary Dempster was with him in the battlefield with him when he had just been critically injured and saw a statue of a little madonna with the face of Mrs. Dempster. 1st Supporting Evidence: Dunstan can recall very clearly the look of the little madonna and at the time of most fear, she represented peace which can be represented as a miracle 2nd Supporting Evidence: Easily could have been hallucinating and was not in a state where he can remember things perfectly, he went back to the battlefield years after and could not find the little madonna 3rd Supporting Evidence: This event can be viewed as a reclamation from death because Dunstan was on the edge of death when he viewed this statue and then woke up alive months later. Argument #3

Topic Sentence: The last miracle was the miracle of saving the life of a tramp by sacrificing herself to him. 1st Supporting Evidence: Mary Dempster offered herself to the tramp for him to have his way with her as long as he...
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