Fifa Should Use Goal Line Technology.

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FIFA should use goal line technology.

Nowadays millions watch football. Football is not just a game for them. It is a passion and takes

an important place in their life. They can die or kill someone for football. On the other hand

referees are the significant part of the football. They make the final decisions in the game.

Sometimes they can make wrong decisions involuntary. The majority of these mistakes consist

of goal line decisions because it is not easy to see ball which has speed more than one hundreds

of kilometers per hour. As a result of these wrong decisions, referees change score of matches. In

the world cup or champions league one wrong decision can cause limping out of a cup for teams

which means not only million dollars loss but also glory and honor. Thus, FIFA should use goal

line technology. What is goal line technology? It is a system which identifies the ball which

cross the line or do not. In addition the referees are reported simultaneously. (Gibson, 2013)

Minority of football fans have different ideas. They are opposed to using goal line technology.

They think that goal line technology is contrary to spirit of football and making mistakes prettify

football. Using technology make game boring. However these ideas are not sensible. Goal line

technology prevents referee’s making mistakes and can not affect fluency of football because of

that this technology gets a result after spilt seconds. In addition other minority of fans think this

technology is expensive. FIFA or teams can use this money to infrastructure and enhance new

skillful players. However developing a footballer is difficult job and takes ten years. In addition

these people can not realize expenditure of goal line technology is a drop in the bucket because

the richest twenty clubs income is only 4.8 billion pound. For instance, profit of Real Madrid is

513 million pound. There are seven English 5 Italian four German two Spanish and two French

teams in this richest clubs list. (Bosshardt, Bridge, Hanson , Shaffer, Stenson & Thorpe,

2013)Therefore goal line technology is not a financial burden for teams.

Football players, coaches, fans and broadcasting channels thinks that goal line technology should

be in use. Firstly, football players and coaches have positive thoughts about this technology. For

example, The Arsenal boss insisted “I’m a big fan of it and I am an even bigger fan of more

technology in the game.” (Orvice, 2013) Many football players want goal line technology. They

run and struggle ninety minutes in the football field. However, after one mistake their all efforts

going down the drain and this is serious disappointment for them. In addition, they think that

using goal line technology make game more competitive because players put in more efforts

after technology. Secondly, fans and broadcasting channels are positive to this technology.

Million numbers of football fans desire to watch fair game. They want their favorite teams do not

lose games in the competition because of some referees. Additionally, broadcasting channels

want to draw audience by using goal line technology. They think that their profits rise under

favor of technology due to the fact that they can follow the ball everywhere of the field by using

this technology.

FIFA and referees lean towards goal line technology. Firstly FIFA stand by this technology

because of that they want to soothe hooligans. They damage streets, fight each other and police

after many games whose final results of match were affected by referees. FIFA thinks that

using by goal line technology these hooligan crowds become effective football fans. In addition

this technology is using in other sports. For example, line technology used in cricket, tennis and

other sports to visually track the trajectory of the ball and display a record of its most statistically...
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