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I have been playing Fifa Ultimate Team since its creation in 2009 and have had varied success. In 2009 I spend a fair amount of money trying to get the best team I could from packs. This method had little success as I relied mainly on luck to get good players and in the end the players I got never set the world alight.

In FUT 10 I began the same way buying pack trying to obtain the team that I wanted and it worked ok and I had began to develop a decent team until I opened a rogue e-mail and entered my FUT details into a phishing website and lost all of my players.

This made me stop playing Ultimate Team for a while. Eventually I went back to it and spent some more money on packs and asked myself the question; how are people getting these amazing teams? I took to the Internet and found a lot of people talking about trading.

I began looking at a few YouTube videos which showed the basics to trading and I thought why not? After a few days of trading I started developing my own methods to rapidly boost my coins and made my first million coins within a month.

It is these methods that this guide is based on but with a few minor adjustments for Fifa 12 where I have been just as successful.

Introduction to Trading

There are 2 main markets for trading; players and consumables. The players market focuses on buying players for a low price and selling them for a higher price to make a tidy profit. The consumables market focuses on contracts, formations and positions with the same principal of buying low and selling high.


When buying players try and focus on getting them with the most popular formations. I found these to be 4-4-2, 4-1-2-1-2 and 4-3-3. The reason for this being that players sell for a higher price at these formations because players are looking to improve their team chemistry.


On FUT it is pointless having amazing players if you have no contracts! Without contracts you are unable to use your players. This makes them one of the most popular purchases in the game as no-one wants to leave their players rotting in their reserves when they can be playing with them on the pitch.

Formations we have already covered in terms of players but cards can be just as lucrative as players can find cheaper versions of players and apply a formation to them to match their chosen formation and improve their team’s chemistry.

Positions work in the same way as formations as users are looking to improve their team chemistry which improves their player’s performances on the pitch.



Rule 1 – Be Patient

If a player doesn’t sell at a higher amount be patient and don’t reduce the price at the first attempt. If after a few days of not selling begin to drop the price but never go below your purchase price.

Always leave a big enough margin when buying a player to break even if the market suddenly crashes.

* For players under 5k buy for 2k or less
* Players under 10k buy for 6k or less
* Players between 10k and 20k buy for 5k less than their average price * Players above 20k try and leave 10k margin. These players are the biggest risk as their values go down quicker than cheaper players

Rule 2 – Timing (Part 1)

When auctioning a player you need to be aware of the most common times that users are on FUT. This is normally between 4pm and 12am. When listing items it may be wise to start an auction at 4pm for 1 hour and if it doesn’t sell put it on every hour until about 11pm and then auction it for 12 hours overnight if it still hasn’t sold.

Rule 3– Timing (Part 2)

When buying players timing works the other way round. You are more likely to find bargains between the hours of 12am and 6am than you would at peak times on FUT. This works particularly well on auctions as you will have fewer rivals to compete against when battling for cheap cards.


Gold Packs are the biggest waste...
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