Topics: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Prince Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: March 11, 2013

“Papi” like what kind of man are you? This story, although it was kind of crazy at times, it was very realistic, sad and cute at the same time. Bound by marriage, for the good and for the bad together they stood. Lets not forget that I am Dominican and therefor I was able to relate to parts of the story. The story kept you waiting for the storm to hit, only to leave you with the knowledge that it will end.

To come from the Dominican Republic, such a hard place, in its own is a real big accomplishment. Props to the man whom can also bring his family along. Papi feels very empowered to have accomplished this and only adds to his ego trip of empowerment of ownership over his family. He treats his family as if he owns them and now they owe him back. He walks around all the time with this big ego, barking orders with just the few words that he says.

Papi is a man that gets what he wants and when he wants it he does not care how he gets it as long as he does. He buys a car that he can’t barely afford?, but we know Papi has to look good at all time. Uses his child’s illness as an excuse to go and visit his mistress.

Papi would bring his sons to his Puerto Rican girlfriend’s house. There was just no respect with this man, he had his family in such control that he knew that his kids would not dare go and tell their mother unless they wanted a beating. Even though he was an ass, everyone still gave him that respect. A very selfish, materialistic, self centered man to know that you are at a party with your family and tell one of your kids that they cannot eat, because you are worried that they may throw up in your precious.

Papi seems to have forgotten where he came from, and rather than be grateful for the life that he is living now, he acts as if he is owed and entitled to do what ever he wants and to treat his family like crap. He must of forgotten of all the hard times he lived in the D.R., makes you wonder if this man was so starved that now...
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