Fierce 5 and the Magnificent 7

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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The Fierce Five and the Magnificent Seven

The Fierce Five and the Magnificent Seven are amazing gymnastics teams that both won gold in the 1996 Olympics and recently in London. They did amazing in each Olympics, winning team gold for their country. However, while they do have their differences, they also have their similarities. Most people compare these two teams because they have a lot of differences but they have even more in common. To start off, one of the more obvious similarities between them is that they both won the teams gold at the Games in Atlanta and London. Also, at trials (1996 and 2012) each team had at least one person who was sidelined due to an injury. Those people were Mckayla Maroney, from London, and Shannon Miller and Dominique Moceanu, both from the Atlanta Games. Since these three were sidelined and were unable to perform, they had to petition onto the Olympic team. And last, but not least, though about sixteen years apart, both US teams had managed to get on the covers of the magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’. These teams differ from the way they perform, and the way they act on and off the mat. While you don’t see much of the gymnast’s personalities off screen, you see a lot by how they perform. With her heart racing, and adrenaline pumping, Gabby Douglas won both the All Around gold and Team gold for the first time in USA history. She also made history as the first African American to do so. In 1996, Kerri Strug ‘stuck the landing’ on her second vault (one-legged) after falling the first time. After her magnificent vault, she had injured herself even more, then having to be disqualified for the All Around competition. Unlike the Magnificent Seven the Fierce Five only had one girl. And with her heart hoping, and her feet hitting the mat, Mckayla Maroney was the only girl on the US team to qualify for vault finals. Now you can say whatever you want about these two teams and about how one is better than the other, But both teams have...
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