Fieldwork Investigation and Research Action Report (Rap)

Topics: Erosion, Boat, Boats Pages: 6 (1559 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Year 10 Geography assessment task 1-
Fieldwork investigation and research action report (RAP)

Natural Environment-
Coal point is a small saline coastal lagoon that opens intermittently. Coal point overs an area of approximately 1.3 km. A range of ecological habitats are supported by the lake, which is itself subjected to a wide range of human uses including recreation, industry, development, and rural activities. This has resulted in a high degree of modification to the natural environment and the ecology of the region. Coal point’s flora is mainly gum trees, scribbly gums, ironbark snf casuarinas. The Fauna has a wide variety of native Australian birds and animals like rainbow lorikeets, possums, owls, black snakes, brown snakes, bearded dragons, geckos, green tree frogs, brown frogs, kookaburras and cockatoos. There aren’t any major landforms in the coal point area. Coal point is a gently slopping hilled area that’s part of a coastal plain. There are many land care reserves in the coal point area. The type of soils in coal point/Toronto is called Grey Podsol. Grey Podsol is found in areas are wet, or slightly warm. Its brown in colour and like sand. Human Environment-

There are busses going in around and out of coal point into the surrounding areas like Toronto which provide constant public transport. There is the coal point boat ramp that is in full use nearly all the time. Approximately 1,731 People, this is made up of 857 Males and 874 Females. Most people own a boat in coal point so they use the boat ramp quite a lot and the lake.

How human activities have impacted the natural Environment-
Boating sports have a huge impact on the lake the main impacts they have would be pollution, erosion, weed problems and the silting up of the lake. Pollution-
Pollution in the lake is one of the major impacts human activities cause. Every time you go out in the boat and turn your boats motor on the lake is being polluted. Pollution causes so much harm to the marine life and affects the waters quality. Boating pollution is when you turn on your boats engine on and the chemicals in the exhaust pollute the water. The engine gives off excess gasoline which goes into the water and pollutes it. Many marine animals and life are affected by these harmful chemicals. Erosion-

The waves boats give off when they are travelling at high speeds is one of the main causes of erosion on the shore line. This loss of land is a great problem for waterfront property owners but also boat owners. Eroded sediments can cause unwanted shallows and sand bars. The degree of shoreline erosion caused by boating depends on the wakes energy. The wakes energy is measured by 4 main factors: the distance the boat is from the shore, the speed the boat is travelling, the hull size of the boat and the depth of water where the boat is travelling. The closer to the shore the boat is, the higher the speed, the lager the hull and the sallower the water the boat travels in the more damage the wake causes to the shore line. Weed problems-

Weed growing in the lake is a huge problem. Weeds reproduce very quickly which means they spread easily and quickly. Boating helps the spread of thing as well. Lake weeds can interfere directly with fish reproduction, they provide hiding places for smaller fish which means the food chain is disrupted and puts an unbalance of smaller fish to larger. Boating close to the shore where weeds grow causes an increase in which weeds grow. Weeds can get caught in the boats propeller and that is the way they are spread by getting caught then falling off anywhere and growing faster than they cause be eaten or pulled out. Silting of the lake-

The silting of the like is caused by the excessive erosion of silt of sediments from nearby land. It is also cause by turning up the bottom of the lake. This occurs when the motor turns in shallow waters and causes the bottom soil/sand to churn up. Silt or sediment is fine particles of soil that...
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