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Topics: Bank, Banking, Customer service Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Assignment 1: Customer Service – Field Visit.
Nowadays, economy and global trade develop with the growth of technology. Therefore, banking is extended by extending many functions, such as: paying bill, taking out money, saving money, borrowing money, online trading and many other things. That is the way to save our time and create a safe environment when we do not have to carry an amount of money. Because of the convenience, many banking now compete each other with different promotion in their serving. Last week, I had an opportunity to visit CIBC bank to take some advice in order to open a banking account there. The reason why I chose that bank is that it is quite convenient for me to go there by bus. When I stepped into the bank, the first person who I met was a receptionist with a smile on her face and a greeting. That was a first thing that I was looking for to see how welcome I feel at there. In additional, she asked some questions about my plan. That made me felt that she could help me with my inquiries and my searching. After some information that I gave her, she introduced me to an assistant who could give me more information and advice about creating an account at their bank. While waiting to meet the assistant, I consciously observed how they work in their bank and what they try to do in order to help their customers. There is a small branch so it is easy for new customers to look for a right place. Moreover, they have many workers and assistants who can immediately help us so that we do not have to wait for long time to achieve the serving. That saves our time when we need help. I also realized that an assistant was attempting to interpret to an elder customer how to use the banking machine as using online banking. As a new customer, it made me certainly ensure to their service. Few minutes waiting, I finally met an assistant who was ready to respond my inquiries. The assistant gave me several options for an account, such as: unlimited transactions...
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