Field Trips Are Always Fun

Topics: Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo, Philippine Revolution Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Field trips are always fun. Not only it enables you to learn and appreciate your environment and history but also it brings bonding to your group. First stop – Rizal Shrine, in Calamba, Laguna. Upon entering Rizal’s house, I saw their utensils, bedroom, dining room and even their bathroom but one thing I noticed is that, their things are small, this made me conclude that Rizal’s family is not that big or tall. Then it made me think of something worth realizing, Even if he is just small, he has a magnificent and brilliant heart and mind, in which until now, his life and works affect each one of us. Visiting places where memorabilia of Rizal are in, is just one of the ways in depicting Jose Rizal as a Filipino Hero. Preserving his properties is one way of giving and paying respect to his great contribution in the Philippine History but we should all remember that it is not only through that, in which we can show our tribute to him, it’s by living with his teachings from his essays, novels, poems and most especially, from his example. Through that, he will much appreciate it as he delightfully envisioned the future Philippines. Final stop – Aguinaldo Shrine, in Kawit, Cavite. Aguinaldo Shrine is the ancestral home of our first Philippine President, General Emilio Aguinaldo.  It was first built in 1845 in Kawit, Cavite. It is the site of the historic Proclamation of Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898. On the ground floor it has a secret passage and hiding places for documents and weapons, exhibits of flags, photos during the revolutionary era, and other things. The house was more likely a Spanish style where in second floor Aguinaldo's bedroom is located.  And the grand hall, dining room, kitchen, a conference room and azotea is decorated with an antique furniture and theme of nationalism. Looking back at Philippine history is an achievement and at the same time a pleasure and a privilege. Learning outside the four corners of the classroom, I believe is the...
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