Field Trip Report

Topics: Magnetic resonance imaging, Cardiac arrest, Medical imaging Pages: 2 (926 words) Published: May 21, 2013
My Trip to the Hospital
On my trip to the Juan Francesco Luis Hospital, I just wanted to meet the people who would show us the different areas that we went to, and who they were. So, they finally came and there were 2 ladies Ms .Melonie Montoute (Nurse Recruiter) and Ms. Pamela Toussaint (Director of Recruiting). There were 34 of us on this field trip and out of the 2 ladies we had to choose who to go with and so forth. As they introduced themselves, they also told us about the history of the hospital. So, in 1982 the government received funds to open up the new hospital which was then named St. Croix Hospital and was changed to Juan F. Luis in 1994. They also asked us what we would like to be that has anything pertaining to working in the nursing, and ultrasound technician and so forth. After that we split into two groups. One group went with Ms. Toussaint and other classmates and I went with Ms. Montoute. The first place we went to learn about was the E.R (Emergency Room). And the head nurse (Donna JnBaptiste-Manning) is who told us about theirs jobs. There are 17 beds in the E.R. They help people with trauma to the head, gunshot wounds, sickness, and if the sickness isn’t so bad that they can walk and other stuff they send them through Fast Track. We was also told to ask why do they take so long to assist to their patients if they have trauma to the head and so forth and someone said because they have other patients and because of the average waiting time. Now the hospital has to wear a specific type of scrubs and the non-clinical people wears a black pants and or skirt with a white shirt with a logo. OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) that’s were women go to get a check-up themselves and so forth. Throughout the hospital there are codes. Code blue –Cardiac Arrest, Code Black- Bomb Threat, Code Brown- Aggressive Patient, Code Pink- Child Abduction, and Code Orange-Patient left, Code Red- Fire, Code Yellow- External Disaster, Code Gray- Suspicious, and Code...
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