Field Trip

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Nishja Cornelius
Bio 110 Lab
Field Trip Extra Credit Reflection
The field trip to Arabia Mountain was an experience I really enjoyed. I was slightly upset about getting up on a Saturday Morning, but the trip actually made everything worth it. It was my first field trip to Spelman College so I did not know what to expect. When we first got there we were split in to group based on lab instructor. Of course, I got my professor Dr.Tekle and paired up with Taylor to be my partner for the field trip assignment. We walked through the mountain with Dr.Tekle and I was very surprised on how thorough he was. It was cool to see how excited he was about the environment surrounding Arabia Mountain and you could tell that he was not just trying to breeze through the trip, but to really help us understand what was going on in the Arabia Mountain ecosystem.

I had a few favorite parts of the trip. We go to feed the fish in the pond which was something that I loved. It was cool because it was a manmade pond and it was neat to see how that was sustained to resemble the ecosystem of a naturally made pond. I also like the outcrop where I got to see all the rocks with the lichen on them. It felt like we had entered an entirely different world when we were there. And my ultimate favorite part had to be the lake!@ It was so so beautiful and such a reward after a long walk through the mountain. It was sparkling and almost made me want to jump in for a swim! We were able to sit there for about ten minutes or so and enjoy it which I loved. I am happy for being able to go on this trip. It got me out of my comfort zone and I can honestly say that besides waking up at 7 am there was nothing I did not like about the trip. I would even be willing to go again!
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