Field Survey: Environmental Science

Topics: Water, Recyclable materials, Recycling Pages: 4 (640 words) Published: March 9, 2012
College of Arts and Sciences
Natural Science Department

Field Survey in ENVN01A (Environmental Science)

Section: H-124Date: February 26, 2012
Group No.:Professor: Ms. Anita Sarmago

Members: ____________________________________________________

Part I. Visit to Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) of San Pablo

a. Familiarize oneself to the structures and components to MRF.
b. Identify the different recyclable materials being processed inside an MRF.
c. In still in the minds and hearts of the students the importance of recycling.

Activity Guide

1. Take pictures of the structure and divisions of the MRF of San Pablo, Laguna. Indicate the location of the different types of recyclable materials collected from the community.

2. During the tour at the facility, identify and enumerate the materials found inside the MRF. Handpicked personally the materials for proper identification. Ask for assistance if necessary from the facilitator.

Recyclable MaterialsTypeExample/Producers/Source

1. Polyethylene TerephthalateMineral water bottle
2. PolypropyleneTupperware
3. PolypropyleneMicrowavable trays
4. High Density PolyethyleneShampoo bottle
5. High Density PolyethyleneMilk bottle

1. IronIron
2. CopperCopper
3. AluminumAluminum
4. NickelNickel

1. Clear glassWine bottle
2. Lead glassVase
3. Transparent glassShattered glass

1. White paperWhite paper
2. Specialty paperColored paper
3. Oriental paperCarton

1. FruitsPeel or skin
2. VegetablesCabbages, carrots etc..
3. FishFish

Part II. Assessment of the Sampaloc...
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