Field Study 6 Episode 1

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FS 6 On Becoming A Teacher

Name of FS Student:Catherine Q. Pagdato
Course & Year:BSED – 3
Resource Teacher:Rosie P. Pastolero Signature:_______________
Jerly M. CharlonSignature:_______________
Mrs. Gelda P. EstopilSignature:_______________

Cooperating School:Kalilangan National High School

Your Target

At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in clarifying your values about teaching and in articulating and demonstrating one’s personal philosophy of teaching. The end goal is to be a positive role model for students. Your Map

For you to be an effective teacher in the future it is important to first start with an awareness of your values about teaching and then write your mission statement or philosophy that you will uphold with conviction.

To reach your target, do the following tasks:

Step 1. Interview 3-5 teachers about their beliefs on the why, what and how of teaching
Step 2. Analyze the values and philosophy behind the teachers’ beliefs.
Step 3. Reflect about your own values and philosophy about teaching.
Step 4. Express these values and philosophy in your own mission statement.
Your Tools

Use the activity form provided for you to document your interview.A Detailed Guide

Read the following carefully before you begin to observe. Then write observation report on the provided space.1. As you interview each teacher, ask each one to answer the three sentence completion items below: a. My goal/s for my pupils/students is/are____________________________________________ This statement reflects the teacher’s values/philosophy about WHY one should teach. b. What I really want to teach to my pupils/students is/are________________________________ This statement reflects the teacher’s values/philosophy about WHAT one should teach. c. I will teach my pupils/students by ________________________________________________ This statement reflects the teacher’s values/philosophy about HOW one should teach.2. Use the sentence completion form on the next page when you interview the teachers.3. Fill out the Teachers Values and Philosophy Matrix to document the teachers’ responses.4. Analyze the teachers’ responses by identifying the values and philosophies they reflect. You can use the book, The Teaching Profession (Bilbao,, 26) as guide.Teacher Interview Form

1. Teacher’s Name: Miss Jerly M. Charlon Subject Taught: Social StudiesLevel: 3rd year High School a. My goal/s for my pupils/students is to learn and acquire knowledge from my subject and to let them apply to their daily lives and activities. To enable them to become responsible in all ways and means. b. What I really want to teach to my pupils/students is to learn Social Studies and use every lesson/topic as their guide in their daily lives for development and learning. c. I will teach my pupils/students by using books, experiences and all other resources and also letting them learn by doing. 2. Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Gelda P. Estopil Subject Taught: Science (Biology) Level: 2nd year High School/Jade a. My goal/s for my pupils/students are; the students will understand the basic concepts and processes in Science II (Biology) and organize their learning experiences so they can move from teacher guided and concrete activities to independent application where they create or produce new knowledge in Science; participate in the significant learning experiences; sensitize themselves for self awareness, love for truth and development of human values and environment conservation. b. What I really want to teach to my pupils/students are; I want to teach them essential topic per quarter in Biology with desired results and outcomes; and make the class enjoyable and rewarding experience for the...
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